Car broke down again? Oh well


One of the latent concerns in any defensive drivers mind should be the ever present possibility that the car will suddenly lose power in the middle of the road.

The possibilities of this occurring are greatly reduced by properly maintaining a vehicle, nevertheless, traffic laws were designed with these scenarios in mind and by driving safe and reacting quickly, drivers can avoid many of the serious hazards car failure.

Following are some pointers to keep in mind, if your vehicle were to die on the road…

1. Stay Cool When you notice a malfunction try to reach the right shoulder of the road you are on in the safest manner. Put on your four-way directional signals and carefully make your way through the traffic.

2. Keep your hands snuggly on the steering wheel, when the engine dies the power steering goes out, meaning the control of the vehicle may suddenly become very difficult and the braking system may also require greater force to engage. In certain situations the emergency brake may be required to bring your vehicle to a halt before making impact.

3. Picking a Good Spot To Stop. Try not to stop your vehicle right after any curves in the road so let the car roll to a safe spot. ideally this is a spot where you can get out of your car without stepping into or even near any live traffic. When grinding to a halt try to leave the car in a place that can be freely accessed on all sides.

4. Stuck in the Middle of the road. You are unfortunate enough to have a stalled car in the middle of live traffic, stay in your vehicle and turn on your four way directionals and if it is dark the interior lights as well . If you think it is scary to have traffic piling up and you may even get the odd glance, climbing out of the car and attempting to dodge traffic is even worse.

5. Making Yourself Visible. It is very important to make your presence known. If you have found a good spot on the shoulder of the road and can step out of the vehicle, raising the hood of the car is the international signal for vehicular distress.

You can also fly white cloths or papers from the windows. Having a traffic cone or emergency signal on hand could save a life.

6. Flat tires are probably the most common reason a car will be forced to the side of the road, not including traffic cops. If you have a flat tire and are able to repair it yourself, you will still need to find a spot that allows you to make repairs without having to place yourself or your car near any lanes with moving traffic.

Remember that a tire can be ruined if your ride it flat for any extended distance; if your canít find a safe spot, don’t risk it ó wait for the patrol.

7. Out of Gas. Another common reason that cars can be halted on the road is the simple lack of go juice that can turn a gigantic paperweight into a moving vehicle. If you run out of gas, shift your car into neutral and head for the side of the road.

After making your vehicle as visible as possible, setting up safety cones if possible, you will need to get a bearing of your location in relation to the nearest source of fuel. Conserving the battery on your cellphone will be a good idea as a patrol car may take a while to get there depending on how heavy the traffic is.

Walking to the nearest fuel depot is an option but should only be attempted when the weather permits, the destination and direction are known and the shoes of the traveler are comfortable.

8. Accepting help. Many motorists will be more than glad to give a fellow motorist a ride to the nearest station and even back again. Trust your instincts before climbing into a car with a stranger, if a shifty-eyed character gives you a bad feeling just tell them that help is on the way and send them along.

9. Roadside Assistance. Before taking off to any regions where help will be scarce, it would be a good idea to take down the numbers for roadside assistance and keep them in the car. If you get stuck and it looks bad don’t hesitate to call 911.

Pick Best Garage Door Repair Company?

Recently I had problem with my garage doors, and if you guys have it too sometimes, – it’s a good read for you! Here I found really good related post about it, worth reading.

Every garage owner would know the importance of timely repair and maintenance of garage doors. You can save yourself a lot of bucks if you do the needed repairs on time. Other than that garage doors are a matter of personal security.

  • Getting locked out in the garage can be pretty intimidating and dangerous. And things might get even worse if you the garage door gets jammed with the car still inside.
  • In some other scenarios when you need to rush out in case of some emergencies the broken garage door will pose a huge problem.
  • When you get back from work and are stuck outside at night, there is a big security threat for your vehicle for your vehicle.

These are the reasons why a period inspection and repair of the garage door is recommended. Getting the garage doors inspected and repaired annually can prevent all the above mentioned scenarios including saving yourself some very expensive repair costs.

Apart from hiring professional help, you can do some of the maintenance on your own such as lubricating the rollers and hinges on the garage doors. These lubricants are available from any garage door repair companies. But lubricating the parts alone does not offer proper maintenance. A professional assessment by a very good garage door repair professional is recommended.

It is true that finding the best garage door repair company can be a very tedious task, especially if you are new in the neighborhood. This often makes us end up hiring the wrong professional help who are not at all suitable for the job thereby creating more loses. Since garage door repair requires a great deal of expertise and experience you must always do your homework to avoid hiring inexperienced companies.

Only experienced and knowledgeable personnel can inspect properly and find a very suitable solution to repair your garage door at a reasonable cost. Only the experts can offer you the right service for the right cost without wasting your valuable time.

If you are new at garage door repairs follow the tips below to find the best garage door repair company.

  1. One of the best ways is to go online and browse through the reviews of various garage door repair companies in your locality. But don’t be fooled by the huge advertising and marketing gimmicks. Check for genuine reviews or ask friends and family members to provide you references.
  2. Call up the companies that you have shortlisted and talk to them about their services. See how comfortable you are discussing your issues with them. Speaking with them lets you know how attentive and helpful they are. Also observe if they answer your call by mentioning the name of their company. Only professional and well-established companies will say out the name while answering the phone.
  3. Pick the garage repair companies that are close to your locality. You can find them in the directory or by checking online. Go through their phone numbers and address to confirm that they are a local business. The advantage of hiring experts from the local garage repair company is that it will be more convenient if there is any warranty assistance.
  4. Ask for price estimates and compare different garage repair companies to strike the best deal. Although the cheapest price doesn’t always mean good service, comparing prices from at least 3 or 4 companies prevents you from getting duped especially if you are a newbie.
  5. Enquire if the companies can come to your place inspect and then provide you the quotes and information in writing. Companies who send their staff to check the damage before quoting the price are definitely genuine. Those who cannot provide written quotes and info are not worth it.
  6. You can always ask the companies to provide you with references and their numbers so that you can check with them to know about the companies work. Companies who do not hesitate to share their customers’ information are reputed and are very confident about their job.
  7. To cut a decent deal check the company’s website for offers and discounts that can save you money. You can also talk to them about the discount’s that they are willing to offer you.
  1. Most of the companies offer a same day service. But if you can manage without hiring a company immediately, you can shop around some time to find the perfect company that offers you the right services for a desirable price. This way you save money and are able to hire the experts.
  2. Do a background study or research about the company so that you can know how long they have been offering their services. Make sure that you don’t hire a new company without having proper reference.

Tips to maintain caution

In every sector illegitimate companies exist along with the legit ones. It becomes hard to distinguish between them. Wherever you feel unsure, take a pause and give it a thought before agreeing to any arrangement. Always ask questions and make things clear before making a deal. Ensure that you are very comfortable with them.

Here are a few tips that can be a sign of an illegitimate company

  1. Stay away from companies with an unfamiliar Address. Check for a company with a published real address in your locality for hiring help, like I used Garage Door Experts ABC – great professionals, highly trusted. Some fake businesses publicize several phone numbers, and do not possess a genuine fixed address.
  2. Stay away from witty marketing tactics. Make sure that you don’t give into pressure and make hasty decisions. People who pressurize and evoke fear are not professionals and genuine.
  3. Stay away from companies who do door-door sales of their services. If they were really good they wouldn’t have had to give you a surprise visit offering their services.
  4. Payment should not be made in advance. Stay away from garage repair companies who ask for a pre-payment. Pay the full amount only after the complete repair is done.

Leaking roof? I know that feeling myself

Roof problems, leakage

It rains, pours, and yet somehow you do not get wet indoors. Not usually, anyway. Though, the roof is one of the main barriers to keep mother nature out of your home. In turn, this retains the value of your home while also preventing costly insurance claims and expensive structural repairs.

Roof leaks indeed are a source for costly damage. That is the case if underlying causes are not uncovered and fixed early on in the process. The problem is with the nature of water. Water will go wherever there is space. It goes into walls, sits on support beams, and encourages mold growth and wood rot.

Not to mention, leaks then create a hostile environment for the residents of a house. They start sneezing, and probably do not enjoy the scent very much once the rot and mold have progressed to the extreme.

Practice Prevention
Prevention of roof leaks is one way to stop such unpleasant living situation. Let’s uncover the most popular roof leak causes to prevent such problems in your home. Read on to anticipate problems and repair them before they become a homeowner’s nightmare, and your home’s own scourge.

Aging Roofing Materials
Roofing works very hard to keep water, snow, ice, and detritus out of the home. It takes a beating between the hot temperature of solar radiation, UV rays decimating the roofing material, and huge temperature fluctuations. It is a lot of work to keep up the integrity of a roof.

Basically, the sun is so harsh that it melts the tar that binds shingles together, which allows in moisture, leaves, and a river of water. You will not notice the water in your home right away. While water flows wherever there is space, it will rather coyly before making its true destructive nature known to you.

Despite your best efforts to care for the roof, it wears out and needs to be replaced between every 20 years. In addition, another root of the most popular roof leak causes is any little hole. If water is given the chance to get under the shingles, it will find a place to stay and move.

Instead of giving the water space, find a way to prevent it from coming into the home. Sometimes there are gaps between the roof and say the side of a home. Such gaps create the perfect opportunity for water to infiltrate your roof line and walls.

Instead, have a roofing professional inspect your roof from time to time. They might discover that the flashing on the roof, which covers such gaps, has given way and is no longer effective. Rather than let this expand and grow, consider having the rather inexpensive roof repair performed to replace old flashing.

We are all only human, and for that reason structural errors may exist. Though, such errors on the roof’s pitch can allow water to sink in under the shingles. This is among the most popular roof leak causes. Other than rebuilding the whole roof, what can you do about this issue? A professional roofer will know to provide double underlay of material to account for the incorrect roof slope.

Tap, Tap, Tap
The roof may also suffer from the weight of debris attempting to get under the shingles. As branches and twigs land on the roof, they can tap an entry point into the roof for water to break into your home.

Preventing Another Entry Point: Ridge Cap
The ridge cap sits at the very tip top of the roof. It is where one side comes together with the other. Generally, the roofers will put a ridge cap over this section of roofing to prevent leaks and keep water out of your home. It can give and wear out, and when it does, the floodgates can open.

Gutters can get clogged and cause backups of water back toward and into your home rather than away from it. In summation, keep the gutters clear, the roof clean from twigs, leaves, and branches, and ensure that the flashing and ridge cap are all in place and working effectively. Use these tips to ensure that your home is free from the nefarious infiltration of water and its ill effects.

Garage Door Spring Replacement DIY

Garage Door Springs

Problems With Your Garage? I have them too guys, – but don’t worry, – if you have two hands, – you can fix them yourself!

We rarely ever think about our garage door or how it works and we only think about it when things go wrong. When things go wrong it become so clear how little we know about this thing that we use everyday. Depending on what goes wrong, the problem might be big or small. You might not be able to open your garage door at all or the door might be noisy or slow to lift. In many cases this is not safe because if your garage door spring fails your door could simply drop down. So it is important that you immediately fix any issues that your garage might have.

What Should You Do?

For most people they will just call a garage door repair company but you are not like most people. You are a DIY type person, you like to do your own repairs, you like learning about new things and you are pretty handy around the house. For someone like you learning how to replace your own garage door spring isnít going to be difficult at all. For the most part you will just need to learn a few simple things and you are ready to have a go at it.

How To Get Started?

The best way to get started on your own DIY garage door spring replacement project is to make sure that you know what needs to be done. This might take watching a few videos on the internet and ordering the parts that you need from a reputable online garage door parts supply company. You will find that there are countless videos on the internet about how to do these repairs and sometimes garage door parts supplies will even have their own repair videos to help our their customers.

Garage Door Parts

In the last section we talked about using an online garage door parts store and they are definitely a good resource. Typically they will need to know the make of your garage door, the motor system that is used and a few other things. When you doní have this information they will be able to help you so that you purchase the right parts. Having the right parts is important but garage door springs do not coming in many sizes so it will be pretty easy to get the right parts for your project.

Get The Skills

We have already talked about needing to learn how to do the repairs but this is important enough to talk about. We actually believe that just about anyone is able to do their own garage door repairs but they just need a little bit of instructions. Often time the parts that you buy will come with instruction on how to install it but not always. I suggest that you watch as many videos as you can to get some tricks and techniques that pros use on a daily bases to install springs and other garage door parts.

It Is Worth Doing It Yourself

Doing your own garage door repairs is very much worth your time and will save you a lot of money. Why pay someone to do what you are able to do yourself? One cool thing is that these repairs are not hard to do at all and they will not take a long time to do. If you have a little bit of time, if you are ready to watch a video or two, then you have what it takes to replace a garage door spring over the weekend in just an hour or two.


So there you have it, garage door springs are very easy to install and you have the skills to do it, but if you are not still confident about it, you can hire professionals. The only thing that you need are the right parts and a little bit of instruction. Once you have that information you will be ready to do your own DIY garage door spring replacement. You will be able to save money and you will be able to take pride in the work that you have done all on your own. Read a little bit more about the topics and you will see that everyday people around the world handle these repairs on their own and so will you.

About Afghan Forums

AnthonioRockholdHello there and welcome to Afghan forums. My name is Anthonio Rockhold and you’ve just visited my personal blog! Thank you for stopping by. While growing up, I started wondering about my family, where we were from, how did we get where we were and so on. It wasn’t long before I found out that I’m afganistanian. Well, – not that I am (as you can tell from my name Anthonio – it’s not too afganistanina sounding isn’t it? – My mother was Italian, while my dad was mix of American and Afganistanian). I don’t even know what the hell it makes me, – but here I am, all tall, well build, intelligent, well-read and…handsome. Just kiddin.

Okay, – so basically I’ve started this blog to embrace that part of my heritage, that percentage of me being Afghanistanian. I mean I’m pretty regular American, I don’t work out too much, I love fast food, muscle cars, great rock music, chicks, bikinis and barbeque, – but since I figured out that my ancestors lived very different life from my own, – I started to read more and more about Afghanistan, it’s people, and their life ways, cuisine etc.

Funny thing is I didn’t even realize that Afghan community in America is so broad and active, – they make meetings, gatherings, they play games, embrace their ancestors culture etc. Since then I became very active part of the community, – I’m at the every gathering, – I even made a speech, few months ago (December 2015) about how it changed my outlook on life, and particularly American ways of living, consuming, eating etc.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you will find it interesting to read this blog no matter if you have something to do with Afghan community or not.

Keep it up, keep it cool! Thanks again for visiting guys.

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