Car broke down again? Oh well


One of the latent concerns in any defensive drivers mind should be the ever present possibility that the car will suddenly lose power in the middle of the road.

The possibilities of this occurring are greatly reduced by properly maintaining a vehicle, nevertheless, traffic laws were designed with these scenarios in mind and by driving safe and reacting quickly, drivers can avoid many of the serious hazards car failure.

Following are some pointers to keep in mind, if your vehicle were to die on the road…

1. Stay Cool When you notice a malfunction try to reach the right shoulder of the road you are on in the safest manner. Put on your four-way directional signals and carefully make your way through the traffic.

2. Keep your hands snuggly on the steering wheel, when the engine dies the power steering goes out, meaning the control of the vehicle may suddenly become very difficult and the braking system may also require greater force to engage. In certain situations the emergency brake may be required to bring your vehicle to a halt before making impact.

3. Picking a Good Spot To Stop. Try not to stop your vehicle right after any curves in the road so let the car roll to a safe spot. ideally this is a spot where you can get out of your car without stepping into or even near any live traffic. When grinding to a halt try to leave the car in a place that can be freely accessed on all sides.

4. Stuck in the Middle of the road. You are unfortunate enough to have a stalled car in the middle of live traffic, stay in your vehicle and turn on your four way directionals and if it is dark the interior lights as well . If you think it is scary to have traffic piling up and you may even get the odd glance, climbing out of the car and attempting to dodge traffic is even worse.

5. Making Yourself Visible. It is very important to make your presence known. If you have found a good spot on the shoulder of the road and can step out of the vehicle, raising the hood of the car is the international signal for vehicular distress.

You can also fly white cloths or papers from the windows. Having a traffic cone or emergency signal on hand could save a life.

6. Flat tires are probably the most common reason a car will be forced to the side of the road, not including traffic cops. If you have a flat tire and are able to repair it yourself, you will still need to find a spot that allows you to make repairs without having to place yourself or your car near any lanes with moving traffic.

Remember that a tire can be ruined if your ride it flat for any extended distance; if your canít find a safe spot, don’t risk it ó wait for the patrol.

7. Out of Gas. Another common reason that cars can be halted on the road is the simple lack of go juice that can turn a gigantic paperweight into a moving vehicle. If you run out of gas, shift your car into neutral and head for the side of the road.

After making your vehicle as visible as possible, setting up safety cones if possible, you will need to get a bearing of your location in relation to the nearest source of fuel. Conserving the battery on your cellphone will be a good idea as a patrol car may take a while to get there depending on how heavy the traffic is.

Walking to the nearest fuel depot is an option but should only be attempted when the weather permits, the destination and direction are known and the shoes of the traveler are comfortable.

8. Accepting help. Many motorists will be more than glad to give a fellow motorist a ride to the nearest station and even back again. Trust your instincts before climbing into a car with a stranger, if a shifty-eyed character gives you a bad feeling just tell them that help is on the way and send them along.

9. Roadside Assistance. Before taking off to any regions where help will be scarce, it would be a good idea to take down the numbers for roadside assistance and keep them in the car. If you get stuck and it looks bad don’t hesitate to call 911.

Group Helps Needy, Motivates New Engineers

Group Helps Needy, Motivates New Engineers

When you think about volunteering, you probably consider canned food drives, nursing homes and house structure. But a group called Engineers Without Borders-USA is taking volunteering to a new high.

With projects like improving drinking water for people and building watering systems for crops, Engineers Without Borders-USA makes a distinction in people’s lives. Made up of student chapters based at universities across the United States, the organization looks for to carry out sustainable engineering options and inspire new engineers while doing so.

One group of students from the University of Colorado is developing and building a water supply for a village in Rwanda. In a task conducted in May 2003, a team of six engineering students from the Colorado School of Mines at Golden worked together with the villagers of San Pablo, Belize, to site a pair of solar panels and install the electrical circuitry in a school, a church and other community buildings.

The nonprofit organization has collaborated humanitarian projects all over the world, including Thailand, Mali, Senegal, Peru and Afghanistan.

ASME, which supplied partial funding for the Belize task, has actually teamed up with Engineers Without Borders to provide the participation of ASME members and student members in future abroad jobs. These projects are slated for fall 2004 and throughout 2005.

Next year, ASME and Engineers Without Borders will lead a union of technical societies and other companies for Engineers Week 2005. ASME will help with interactions with other engineering groups to organize task teams to support Engineers Without Borders’ ventures worldwide.

Why Crafts Are Still A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea

Why Crafts Are Still A Terrific Holiday Gift Concept

Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or perhaps a federal vacation, the number one thing on everybody’s mind is: what on earth am I going to distribute this year? The majority of us when aiming to find out our vacation present concept very first consider just how much cash we have, and what that money can buy. Yet a few of us out there start to see all sorts of possibilities of what we can make to offer our unique somebody(s) that is sure to be cherished more than a store-bought item.

The first kind of individual trying to find a crafty vacation present idea is exactly what I want to call the needle employee. Needle employees delighting in sewing, embroidery, or other such needle arts. Depending on the event, they may choose something small, such as sewing napkins and pot holders or cross-stitching a magnet or a little, easy picture or a key-chain. For events that need a bit more, embroidering a larger photo or sewing a valued product like a handbag or bath bathrobe are excellent vacation present concepts.

The next crafter are those who knit or crochet. Vacation present concepts that a fast and affordable would include, but are not restricted to, winter season hats, headscarfs, gloves and/or mittens. A more intimate gift would be a poncho or slippers. Nevertheless, for those who have the time and want to provide a bigger present, afghans are the method to go. With all the various ways one can integrate color, texture, and various designs into their afghans, the vacation present concept is sure to be cherished for years.

Besides the crafting arts considered more on the womanly side, there are likewise those vacation present applicants who are into woodworking. Some examples they may create are little photo frames, sculpting a small statue of something their friend or member of the family would be quite fond of, such as fish, birds or even a caricature of themselves. Bigger tasks for holiday gift concepts would be developing a headboard for a child’s bed, a fashion jewelry box for the other half, and even a spice rack for the cooking lover.

Tangents of woodworking would be wood-burning and basket-weaving. Wood-burning might not seem like such a terrific vacation gift idea, but when you get your name or preferred stating as a sign you can display, you understand how personal the present truly is. And all of us understand that gift baskets are always a crowd favorite when it pertains to holiday present concepts – however how many people can really state that the basket itself was made particularly just for them?

One last crafting location I would like to provide as holiday present ideas: The painting arts. These arts consist of such things as oil and water-based canvas paintings. Having an art piece creating by a charming friend is sure to be given in the family, and the painting will constantly deserve much more than any mere price tag due to the love put into it. Yet another painting art would be airbrushing. A still hot vacation gift idea is airbrushed T-shirts, when one is developed by somebody you know, it feels simply a little better when using it.

The point to all these choices is this: putting in the time making something for another person will constantly beat out anything that is simply bought. It may not constantly appear that method initially, but gradually the gifts that leave the most long lasting impression are those produced us by those who enjoyed us enough making their best vacation present concepts for us.