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AnthonioRockholdHello there and welcome to Afghan forums. My name is Anthonio Rockhold and you’ve just visited my personal blog! Thank you for stopping by. While growing up, I started wondering about my family, where we were from, how did we get where we were and so on. It wasn’t long before I found out that I’m afganistanian. Well, – not that I am (as you can tell from my name Anthonio – it’s not too afganistanina sounding isn’t it? – My mother was Italian, while my dad was mix of American and Afganistanian). I don’t even know what the hell it makes me, – but here I am, all tall, well build, intelligent, well-read and…handsome. Just kiddin.

Okay, – so basically I’ve started this blog to embrace that part of my heritage, that percentage of me being Afghanistanian. I mean I’m pretty regular American, I don’t work out too much, I love fast food, muscle cars, great rock music, chicks, bikinis and barbeque, – but since I figured out that my ancestors lived very different life from my own, – I started to read more and more about Afghanistan, it’s people, and their life ways, cuisine etc.

Funny thing is I didn’t even realize that Afghan community in America is so broad and active, – they make meetings, gatherings, they play games, embrace their ancestors culture etc. Since then I became very active part of the community, – I’m at the every gathering, – I even made a speech, few months ago (December 2015) about how it changed my outlook on life, and particularly American ways of living, consuming, eating etc.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope you will find it interesting to read this blog no matter if you have something to do with Afghan community or not.

Keep it up, keep it cool! Thanks again for visiting guys.

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