View Full Version : porn (21+) this is a porno pic. Please dont look at it if you are not at least 21

08-26-2005, 09:26 PM
Edited by AsH-21:

Allowing warned jokes that are inappropriate for minors is one thing, however visuals a far different case.

I understand you put in the topic header that 21+ however I have no way of making this a guaranteed implementation and minors with curious minds are bound to simply inquire to this topic due to the title. Text can be taken care of by the parents of the kids with programs that filter things, however with pictures not the case thus I wish you have a better sense in keeping in mind prehand.

Thanks for the kind cooperation

08-26-2005, 10:01 PM
On a personal note, I do not find an animal orgy that hilarious, and is a very rare sense of humor that few attain. The reason to which I removed the picture is listed, however this being a personal opinion on the matter, and sorry for presumptions or so forth.

A friendly piece of advice call it and if you chose to see this as a very offensive and stupid thing, it's your right as it is not my place to say anything of such sorts, and it's relatively personal, however since I'm sure you have a good set of presumptions in your mind about me already, not like this will change many.

If you are going to differnetiate about lust and sexual interests as well as love and so forth along the lines of theories, please try to be more consistent when it comes to implementation as finding sexual intercourse between animals and such funny or interesting kind of goes against the preached words.

A very fuzzy matter, but meh... this part you can very much so ignore as it's personal opinion, however the reasoning behind removal of the pic, you're more than free to debate and add to in case you disagree to the reasoning which enlisted.