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    Salam dear brothers and sisters,

    A few months ago I registered on this site to let you know regarding a movie that was being released in Australia, by the name of Qesmat.

    Unfortunately due to some personal difficulties the only place the movie screened was in Australia and Currently in Afghanistan. I do not want fellow Afghans to miss out on watching the movie. ANd I would like to use the feature to raise money for zakat for the children of Afghanistan.

    My question to you and the administrators of this site is. WOuld you support us in releasing the movie online? Free of charge but you have to promise yourselves, that if you do find the movie entertaining to give some money to an Afghan Childrens Charity.

    We spend over 14 months making the movie and I personally fell ill trying to get it all organised lol I know sounds funny but one man and a two and a half hour movie was a difficult task. There are some 30 characters and many people loved it here. I personally rate it about a 7/10 for an Afghan movie but others will have their own views.

    THe one thing to remember is that its around 7 gigabytes in size to download, so will this site support me in hosting it? I will give you full exclusive rights. No other site will have access.

    You opinions are appreciated.

    Kind Regards
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    Hi Talaash,

    Your other alternative is Youtube and Google Video. You can sell videos through google.
    It will help you reach the goal of fund raising for Afghanistan.

    I am the founder/publisher of First Afghan Informational and Business Publication in Ottawa-Canada. "Saadat-Prosperity"

    Can you email me with some more details on this movie,if possible please?

    All the Best!
    Both POVERTY and RICHES َAre The Offspring Of THOUGHT
    فقر وثروت هردو از فكر منشاْ ميگيرند

    "Saadat-Prosperity" The First Afghan Monthly Publication in Ottawa-Canada.
    Available for FREE download from

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    hmm i'd personally would want to see if this site doesn't allow you...let us know where else u'd launch.

    Desperate to know how the 30 characters in this movie were lead.

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